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Monday, December 1, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks affect Demand for Office, Retail Space

Terrorist created history by attacking Mumbai which was worst terror attack in India. India suffered a big loss in this attack. Many Indian citizens, foreign tourists and Indian security personnel had lost their life. The terror attack destroyed the business in the economic capital of India. It was estimated a 4000 crore business loss in those four days.

The terror attack may affect demand for office and retail space in Mumbai as people feel insecure about safety of their own and business. The demand of commercial real estate depends upon the come back of confidence in the foreign investors. The terror attack left a deep impression on sentiments and confidence of the investors.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Real estate Ahmedabad Booms

Real estate Ahmedabad is facing a countable growth which is capable to attract to attract the investors not only from the India but also nris. The prices of property are touching very heights in the short time periods in comparison to even Delhi or Mumbai.

Nris want to invest in Ahmedabad properties although they don’t have their roots there. They are willing to invest there as this investment may give much profit as compared to the nri investment in their native places.

The real estate growth can be felt with a high speed in the city which results the same speed of cash in the city.Many companies have started their business in this city which resulted in more demand of residential property in Ahmedabad.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Nri Property Disputes Require Fast Track Courts

Nris demand to the government for fast Track Courts for clearance of nri property disputes.

US-based Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (GOPIO) pointed out the fact that laws of land are not sufficient to protect properties and investment in residential and commercial real estate in India made by nris.

Non-resident Indians (Nris) are facing the problem of non payment of rent by the tenants and grabbing of their property.

It’s not possible for nris to be present in India for a long time for lengthy process of hearing of their case in the court that’s why they demand a fast track court to clear nri property dispute case.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nri Real Estate Investment Show

The nri real estate investment show which well be held at the AL Boom Tourist Village, Dubai from May8-10. This show has been given the name of Property Plus 2008.The investment in the Indian property sector has grown with a large extent which resulted in the amazing hike in these sectors.

As India has become the first choice of investors in various fields. Almost all top branded companies had occupied spaces for theirs offices in India. The demand of corporate offices and the accommodations of their employees give the right platform to develop in the realty sector.

Many cities have emerged with a new picture of the development. The multi storied buildings and various shopping malls are the result of nri property investment. These developments in realty sectors give India a new picture. The country is heading to be a developed country.

Friday, December 21, 2007

NRI Real Estate Firm in Coimbatore

Nri real estate firm, Mint Home has planned to invest Rs 100 crore in Coimbatore. Mint Homes is US-based real estate development and construction group with 300 crore fortune. A non resident Indian (nri) has promoted this group who is planning to invest in high class housing resorts, eco tourism and integrated organic farms in Coimbatore.

Mr. Raj Natarajan , director of Mint Homes pointed out that investment will be made fully internally without any loans through its Indian arm, Mint Homes Pvt Ltd. The construction of an integrated high-end housing complex over 2.7 acres in Sowripalayam has begun. Nri real estate firm is planning to launch this project in January 2008.

The company is planning to develop four towers and the first one would be ready by January 2009 and the other three by that year-end. There will be a park and club house before the residential complexes which will be completed by March 2008.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Mall in Mumbai

Mumbai real estate is going to attract ETA Star Property Developers which will build a mall in Mumbai’s Juhu area by spending Rs. 1,500 crore.

The mall will be constructed in a 50:50 joint venture with Supra Estates by developing 10 acre plot in January next year.The service apartments will also be built.

ETA Star is basically a Chennai real estate developer which is a part of $4 billion ETA Ascon group based in the UAE.

The company has invested Rs. 800-900 crore to acquire the land for the mall. The construction of the mall will be completed by 2010 and will be available for lease for seven years.

Mainly the company is operating its projects in southern region of the country across Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

The Jasmine Court apartments are being built by the company in Chennai. There are two more Bangalore residential projects ‘Binny Crescent’ and ‘The Gardens’.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

India Realty Fund by Trikona Capital

Trikona, a New York-based real estate investment company is planning to invest an Rs.1, 500 crore in India.

The investment will be made in residential and commercial properties
by-invitation-only with a minimum ticket size of Rs25 crore which will be launched in December.

This is going to be the largest rupee-denominated real estate fund to be raised so far.

A $1 billion (Rs3,940 crore) infrastructure fund will also be launched by Trikona.

A report on the real estate sector by consulting firm Ernst & Young revealed out that over $3 billion real estate funds is in the queue which is targeting real estate in India.

Blackstone, Morgan Stanley, GE Commercial, Citigroup Property, Berggruen Holding and Bluestone Quantum Management Pvt. Ltd also want investments in real estate in india.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Lehman Brothers to pick Ramky

NYSE-listed Lehman Brothers is going to take 10% in a Hyderabad-based Ramky Group for Rs 407 crore. Ramky Group is an infrastructure and realty company promoted by Ayodhya Rami Reddy with a turnover of around Rs.1, 600 crore.

Lehman Brothers who deals in different types of industries is a global financial services firm. It has its various branches across the world.

The company wants to expand its operation in Middle East and Singapore in addition to India. They are also willing to acquire mid-sized companies in Singapore and Middle East.

Ramky Enviro Engineers which get second highest PE funding. Last year, IL&FS and Sabre Abraaj introduced around Rs 125 crore ($28 million) in Ramky Infrastructure by picking up a 13.5% stake in Ramky Infrastructure.

Also, Lehman Brothers has invested around $80 million in a Bangalore-based research and development SEZ in Gandhi City. The company also provided funds by its PE arm in India.